Sale Propet Petunia

Sale Propet Petunia

Product Description

      The Petunia features a round toe with an adjustable Mary Jane style strap. It has removable PU footbed with leather sock lining, and a PU outsole.

Customer Reviews

      * I am very pleased with my Propet Petunia shoes. It is very rare to find a dressy shoe in a 4x width shoe. Occasionally, I find a sneaker in my size, but never a shoe I can wear with a dress. Ladies with extra wide feet like to get dressed up too. I would love to see more dressy styles in my width in the future.

      * The second I put this shoe on my toes were pushed up against the end so much so that it was uncomfortable. Either the shoe was sized incorrectly or the length is not true to size as far as length goes. I probably needed a 1/2 size longer, but may have needed even a whole size longer. Because they showed no pictures of the look of the top of the shoe I was unable to tell much about the looks. When I tried them on, they had a stubby look to them like I had a short fat foot, which I do not. It would be nice if they showed more pictures of the shoes. If not for the problem with the length, the shoe felt very good. Thank you...

      * Propet is at the top of my list for a shoe products that are attractive in design and reasonably priced, while accommodating the needs of persons with problem feet. Luckily, this style comes in one of the harder-to-find sizes; i.e. an extra wide that's a 4E. The shoe features open back and side sections; so, it doesn't give quite as much support as some other models, but I believe it more than meets the standard for a sandal style. The lower throat and adjustable velcro strap work well in coping foot-swelling issues. The padding is very comfortable, and the shoe is easy to wear all day long. After having purchased several pairs of this brand, I'm convinced that Propet is committed to providing comfort and style for their customers. I'm also betting that they actually test the products on real human beings. It's all good!

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